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Import from G2

Here's how you can import G2 reviews to your testimonial space.

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In this article, we will show you how to add G2 Crowd reviews to your website.

Currently, we have two options for how we can import your reviews: bulk import G2 reviews within and via a browser extension. 

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Option 1: Bulk Import G2 Reviews within

Start your free trial on to create a new space. To learn more about all the settings and features below, you can visit the Get Started collection in our help center.

  1. After registering, visit the dashboard and click on "+Create a New Space".

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  2. After clicking, you will see the Create a New Space popup modal.

    -To learn more about all the settings and features below, you can visit the Get Started collection in our help center.

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  3. Now that your space is ready, click on ‘Other reviews’ under Integrations, followed by clicking on ‘G2’.

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  4. Within that popup, type in your business name and your own generated G2 API key. Ex: Collect testimonies and the API token key generated from your G2 account.

    For products that have spacing, kindly replace the space with "-" or remove the spacing instead.

  5. You can now import your G2 reviews from the first 2 pages or fetch all reviews.

Step 5. Now this is the step that can help you save a bunch of time.

Option 2: Import from our browser extension

  1. Install the Testimonial browser extension. It is available on all Chromium browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, etc.

  2. Head over to the G2 reviews you’d like to add to your website or Wall of Love. Do a right-click, followed by clicking on ‘Save text’.

  3. Add all the information that you would like to add to your testimonial.

    💡Tip: Under ‘Select Spaces, make sure to click the space it should be added to. You can also automatically add it to your wall of love by clicking on ‘Add to My Wall of Love’.

  4. That’s it! All your reviews will be added to your Testimonial account.

⚠️ We'll only fetch reviews that have users' consent. If the user denied the consent or never gave the consent while leaving a G2 review, it means you can use the review for any external reference, e.g., adding to Testimonial's Wall of Love.

If you still have a question, please reach out on the live chatbox, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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