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Import from Capterra Reviews

Import Capterra reviews to your Testimonial space.

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In this article, we will show you how to add Capterra reviews to your website using our extension.

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  1. Install the Testimonial browser extension. It is available on all Chromium browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, etc.

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  2. Head over to the Capterra reviews you’d like to add to your website or Wall of Love. Do a right-click, followed by clicking on ‘Save text’. You can also choose bulk import to import all of your Capterra reviews.

  3. Add all the information that you would like to add to your testimonial. Tip: Under ‘Select Spaces’ make sure to click the space it should be added to. You can also automatically add it to your wall of love by clicking on ‘Add to My Wall of Love’.

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  4. All your reviews will be added to your Testimonial account 💪

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If you need help or have any questions, just click on the live chat widget. We will reach back as soon as possible ✌️

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