Follow the steps below to successfully integrate your Shopify account with Testimonial to send discount codes. Before getting started, there are a few things worth noticing:

1️⃣ Shopify requires a paid membership for its services, to learn more about their prices click here.

2️⃣ Discount codes will be created dynamically and uniquely.

3️⃣ Each discount code can be used only once.

If everything is clear to you, let's get started! 💪

1. Connect to your Shopify store

If you already have a Shopify Account

a) Open this link, type in your credentials and click on 'Log in'

b) Here in the General Section of your Account, click on the blue icon link in the shopifypartners chiclet shown in the image below to go to the Shopify Partners page. After that, proceed to Step 3

1. Start by opening the Shopify partner program link. Fill in the necessary details in the boxes given and click on 'Create Account' to proceed.

2. Please fill in all the relevant details for your business and then click on 'View your Dashboard'.

3. This is your dashboard; from here, select the 'Apps' option in the left sidebar, and then click on Create app.

4. Click Create app manually option

5. Specify your app name, then click Create

6. This is what it looks like after the app is created

7. On the left sidebar, click App setup, then fill in the following three pieces of information, then click Save on the top right.

App name: Testimonial

8. Go back to the Overview page, click Choose distribution button

9. CLick Choose single-merchant install link button

10. Click Choose to continue

11. Add your Shopify store domain (e.g. in the below box

12. Click Generate link to confirm

13. You will be given an install link. Copy the link and then paste it in a new tab. If it's redirected to, it means it's working!

14. At this point, the app is fully created! 🎉

15. Go back to the Overview page. Copy the Client ID and Client secret from the Client credentials section. These will be used late in Step 9.

You can watch a one-minute tutorial video to complete the rest of the integration

or continue to follow the written steps below

15. Go to your Testimonial settings page

Or, when you try to add a Shopify discount as the reward in the space Edit option

16. Add your Shopify Client ID and Client secret (copied in Step 15) along with the sub-domain name of your Shopify shop URL (e.g. to connect.

17. Please follow the step to give the app permission and install the app.

Once the app is installed successfully. You should see Connected in the settings page for Shopify

Or if you are in the Edit space window, you should see the first todo is ✅ and says Your Shopify store is connected. 🥳

2. Create a discount

1. Once the space is created, check ⚙️ icon, in the dropdown list, click Edit this space

2. Click Thank you page button

3. Click the dropdown and select Shopify discount

4. Click Get started in the second bullet Create a discount (fixed amount or percentage).

⚠️You can only create a discount after you successfully complete connecting your Shopify store in step 1.

5. Fill out the pop-up form.

⚠️You can create either a fixed-amount discount or a percentage discount

6. You should see your newly create discount shown in the second bullet

💡Click Create a new discount if you want to update the existing discount and create a new one.

3. Add your Shopify store link

I promise this is the easiest step! Just add your store link in the input box and hit Save button. That's it! 🥳

💡You should put your public store link where your customers buy your products

.If you have come this far to the end, your Shopify discount code should be enabled already. Now, whenever you receive a video testimonial from your customer, Testimonial will automatically create a dynamic discount code and send it to your customer via email. This is what the email looks like:

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