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You can send a testimonial request email by calling the GET request to the /new/request endpoint.

It will automatically send an email that will contain your Testimonial's page link so that your users can go submit their testimonials, like the following:

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There are 4 required parameters:

  1. name (your user's name)

  2. email (your user's email)

  3. spaceName (what's the name of your product, service, etc)

  4. adminName (this name will be used in the email signature)

curl "https://api.testimonial.to/v1/new/request" -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY"

How to get the API_KEY

You need to go to the dashboard page. On the right side of each space card, there is a โš™๏ธ icon, click that you will see a dropdown list, choose the API key

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You will see a popup modal show your API key, click Copy API Key to copy the key

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