Embed your Wall of Love on Potion.so. Go to our Potion site to see a live demo:

Follow these steps to embed your Testimonial Wall of Love on your Potion.so site

1. First head to the Testimonial dashboard. In the "Manage your space" page for each space, you will see the Embeds option on the left sidebar. Click "Wall of Love grid"

2. Once you click on this you will see a popup that contains your wall's embed script. Copy just the "src" portion of the iframe. This is the url that looks something like... https://embed.testimonial.to/w/embed-demo.

3. Now head to the page in Notion where you want your wall of testimonials to be. Add an embed block by typing a slash (/) and then the word embed. Paste in the embed url you copied.

4. Now your embed will show up on your Potion site on that page. You may want to change the size of the embed block to make sure it looks right.

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