Now that your Framer website or app is live, you may be wondering how to improve your conversion rate, and that’s by adding Testimonials!

In this article, we will show you how to add reviews and testimonials to your Framer website. Here’s a Live demo:


Step 1. Visit the Framer site and page where you would like to embed your testimonials. To create a Wall of Love or Testimonial Page, you can create a new page such as /love or /wall-of-love.

Step 2. Next, click on ‘Insert’ followed by scrolling to ‘Utility’ and drag the ‘Embed’ block into your page.

Step 3. Now scroll to the ‘Embed’ section on the bottom left and click on ‘HTML’.

notion image

Step 4. Go to your account dashboard and visit the space you want to add to Framer. After clicking the space, you will see "Wall of Love" option on the left sidebar in the Embed section.

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Step 5. Click that, then choose the styles you want to display the wall of love, in the last step, you will find the embed code. Click the "Copy code" button will copy the code to the clipboard automatically.

You can learn more about customizing your Wall of Love by visiting this article.

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Step 6. Paste the code in the HTML editor.

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Step 7. Click on ‘Publish’ and voila! Your Wall of Love is ready 🥳

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With, you can add video & text testimonials, Twitter tweets, etc., all in one place! ✌️

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