Customize wall of love

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You can now customize your public Wall of Love page. All the following items will be supported:

  1. Change the banner image

  2. Change the hero text (where it now says "Wall of Love for XYZ")

  3. Add your own logo & name

  4. Add up to 4 links on the top navbar

  5. Reorder each testimonial

Change the cover photo

When clicking the 📷 Cover button, you can add your own image as the banner background image.

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Add logo, name and links

When clicking the ⚙️ button, you can change the logo, name, hero text, and top links.

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You will find the Reorder button at the bottom right of your wall of love page. Click that you will see a new window where you can drag and drop each testimonial.

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Watch this 19 seconds video to learn more.

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