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Auto-populating testimonials to Wall of Love

Wondering how you can automatically add testimonials to your Wall of Love? Here's how:

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Adding the testimonials you will have automatically to your wall can never be easier.

If you want to automatically add the testimonials you receive from your clients, please see our guide below on how. You can also check for any additional information you may need.


  1. Click the settings icon⚙️ on the space you want to modify from your dashboard. 

  2. From the options, choose "Edit the space.".

    1. Alternatively, you may click on "Edit Space" on your space dashboard.

  3. Select the "Extra Settings" button underneath the live preview to see the available extra settings.

  4. From there, you may turn it on by toggling the "Auto-populate testimonials to the Wall of Love" option, then save the changes.

    ⭐Any testimonials submitted from your clients will be posted on your Wall of Love automatically afterward.

Additional Information

  • Enabling this feature will only apply to the testimonials collected from your landing page( collecting page).

  • If you want to keep adding the testimonials that you receive on another site like Google, G2, or Trustpilot to your Wall of Love, they need to be added to the web browser extension or our integrations.

If you still have a question, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking the support icon 💬 in the bottom right-hand corner of this page and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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