In, you can highlight testimonials to show them on the top of the Wall of Love. You can also reorder highlighted testimonials. It will also be explained below.

How to Highlight/Un-highlight a testimonial

The Highlight star button will appear after a testimonial is liked (i.e. after being added to the Wall of Love).

You will find a purple star button beside the red heart button. Clicking it will add the testimonial to the highlighted list. The hollow star will turn into a solid star like this:

Here is what it looks like for imported tweets, you will find the purple star beside the red heart too.

Where to find highlighted video and text testimonials

You can find all highlighted video and text testimonials by clicking the Liked tab on the left menu bar, then clicking Highlighted tab from the show options:

If you want to see all highlighted testimonials, you can go to the left menu bar and click Reorder in Wall of Love option:

It will open a modal where you can drag and drop to reorder. You will find all highlighted testimonials in the top Highlighted section.

How to reorder highlighted testimonials

You can follow the aforementioned instruction to open the Reorder modal.

It will open a modal where you can drag and drop to reorder. Highlighted testimonials are in the first half, and unhighlighted ones are in the second half. You can reorder testimonials inside each half.

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