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Customize your wall of love
Customize your wall of love
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How to find these settings and features:

Step 1. First, visit your dashboard and click on the space you want to edit.
Step 2. Next, scroll to 'Links' and click on 'Wall of Love page'

Step 3. Scroll and click on 'πŸ“· Cover' or the 'βš™οΈ' settings icon to edit your Wall of Love.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the features and edits you can make:

Edit the cover/background:

  • Add a cover image

  • Darken cover image

  • Top banner text color

  • Top banner button color

When clicking the πŸ“· Cover button, you can add your own image as the banner background image.

Wall of Love settings:

  • Add your own Logo

  • Logo redirect URL

  • Name (Top left)

  • Hero title

  • CTA Button

  • Top navbar links (Top menu links)

When clicking the βš™οΈ button, you can change the logo, name, hero text, and top links.

More Customization:

  • Border radius (on/off + different sizes)

  • Shadow type, shadow size, and shadow color

  • Background color and card background color

  • Text color, link color, heart color, font family

And finally, here's how to reorder testimonials:

You will find the Reorder button at the bottom right of your wall of love page. Click that you will see a new window where you can drag and drop each testimonial.

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