How to embed your Wall of Love and Testimonials to any Flurly products.

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Embed your Wall of Love on Flurly.com. Check out our Flurly site to see a live demo:

Before getting started, make sure to add testimonials your Wall of Love.

1. Get the embed code

On the left-side menu, in the EMBEDS section, there is the Wall of Love option. Click that, and you will see a popup modal like this. You can choose to the layout and content to be displayed in the Wall of Love.

2. Paste it to your product description on Flurly

You just need to paste the embed code directly in the product description section in Flurly. Make sure the Format description in Markdown is checked βœ…

3. See it live on your product page

After successfully creating your product, you should see the Wall of Love in your product description area just like this πŸ‘‡ You can add video & text testimonials, plus Twitter shoutouts all in one place!

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