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Blank tweet profile picture
Blank tweet profile picture
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If you ever added some tweets in your Wall of Love before 02/16/2021, there may be a few tweets missing the profile picture like below. πŸ˜…

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What happened to Aletheia?

It's because after Aletheia's tweet was added, Aletheia changed her Twitter's profile picture. Twitter doesn't keep the profile picture history, so her previous picture link is no longer valid.

We fixed it!

We patched a fix on 02/16/2021. Whenever you add a new tweet, the user's profile picture will also be saved in our own cloud storage. Even the tweet's owner changes his/her picture, the old picture can still be displayed properly on the Wall of Love.

What you can do

  1. Delete the tweet which misses the profile picture from your dashboard

  2. Add the same tweet back again

Step #2 will make sure the profile picture is saved in our storage.

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