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Custom button color

Wondering how to change the color of your buttons? Here's how:

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Change the button's color to add extra personalization to your Wall of Love and landing pages to fit your style.

📢 This feature is currently available for our paid users and by default, the color of our button is set to #5D5DFF.

Our guide here is divided into two parts: steps on changing the color of the button, and the additional information you may need.


  1. Click the settings icon⚙️ on the space you want to modify.

  2. From the options, choose "Edit the space.".

    1. Alternatively, you may click on "Edit Space" on your space.

  3. The space modal will show up, and from there, you may choose the color for your button.

  4. Finally, save the changes by clicking the "Update Space" button.

Additional Information

  • If you are on our free plan, the option to change the color will be locked. To have access, you can upgrade to our paid plan.

  • By changing the color of your button, the following will change as well.

    • The video excerpt's background color

    • YouTube video excerpt's background color

    • The background color of the lettered avatar for the text testimonials that don't have an icon/avatar. ( Testimonials collected from the landing page) .

  • The button's color will also take effect even if you have "text-only / video-only" set up on your landing page.

Please use the live chat window 💬 to ask any more questions, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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