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Add an excerpt to a YouTube video
Add an excerpt to a YouTube video

How to add an excerpt to a Youtube video

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With the help of this new feature, you may add text-based highlights (excerpts) to your YouTube videos, which will help website visitors understand the content of the testimonial. This article will help you set up an excerpt for your external Youtube video.


Step 1. From the left sidebar, scroll to 'External videos' under 'Integrations' next, click on YouTube.

Step 2. Grab the YouTube ID from the video you would like to import

Step 3. Within the pop that appeared from Step 1, enter the YouTube ID and click on 'Add'

Step 4. Your YouTube video will now be imported! You will now see a list of options below the video where you can see "excerpt".

Step 5. Click on 'Excerpt' and add the title you would like to use, followed by clicking 'Save'

Step 6. Voila! If you visit your Wall of Love, you will see the YouTube video with the excerpt appearing. It will even match the font color or other colors you have selected to customize your Wall of Love ๐Ÿฅณ



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