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📣 Before starting to collect testimonials, and build the Wall of Love, you need to create a new space first. A space is like a container to hold all your testimonials.

You can create a space from your Dashboard page: where you will see + Create a new space button

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Click the create button, you will see the Create a new space popup modal

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Mandatory fields

Only 4 fields are required:

  1. Space name

  2. Space logo

  3. Header title

  4. Your custom message

When you make changes, you can see a live preview on the left side, like this

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Optional fields

Add your own video message

💡This is a premium feature for subscription users only

To make your testimonial's page more personal, you can upload your own video message here

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Once your video is selected, you can see how it looks like from the live preview section.

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Add questions

You can ask your users some specific questions, up to 5.

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You will also see questions in the live preview section as well

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Collect extra information

By default, name and email will be collected. However, you have the option to collect more information if needed. You can add 2 more custom fields as well.

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In the sample above, we will collect two more information from your users:

  1. Title, company

  2. Phone number

Collect user's consent

By default, all users have to give permissions to use their videos. However, you can disable it. In case you want to use them in marketing materials later on, please do get their permissions first.

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Video testimonial only

By default, we will show video and text option in your testimonial's submission page. However, if you are only interested in getting video testimonials, you have the option to remove the text option.

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You will find only there is Record a video button from the live preview.

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Collect star ratings

Once it's enabled, we will collect star ratings from text testimonial submissions. For video testimonial, star rating will not be applied.

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Choose a theme

By default, your testimonial's page will be in the light theme. However, if you prefer the dark theme, you can enable in the following option

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You can also see how the dark theme looks like from the live preview

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Custom button color

⚠️You need to upgrade your plan to use this feature

You can change the button color to fit your own style. Say if we set the color to #FF6900 , the button background should be in orange.

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You can see it from the live preview as well

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By default, it's English. We also support multiple languages, currently, they are:

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Polish

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Japanese

  • Czech

  • Italian

You can also customize your thank-you page or learn more about our additional settings by visiting the Get started collection.

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