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All-in-one: Extra settings for your space

Wondering about what more can you modify in your space? Here are the extra settings that can be done in your space.

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Aside from the mandatory fields and some settings, you've seen while creating your space.

We have additional settings available that you can modify for more customization.

The extra settings can be found once you are in the space editor.

Extra settings

Here is a list of what you can modify on the extra settings page:

Changing the duration of a video testimonial

You can set the maximum duration depending on the plan you have. Our default duration is 120 seconds.

  • Free and a starter plan: 120 seconds

  • Premium plan: 180 seconds.

  • Ultimate plan: 300 seconds.

More information on how you can change the duration of a video testimonial is here.

Modifying the video and text button

Our default button text is:

  • Record a video

  • Send in text

If you don't like our default setup, you can change it here:

More information on how you can change the video/text button is here.

Consent display and statement

Our default consent statement is

"I give permission to use this testimonial across social channels and other marketing efforts."

If you want to change the consent statement, you can do it here

More information about the consent statement is available in our guide here.

Change some default text

You can change the Question label. Remember, in your space settings, you can add a list of questions. However, if those are not related to questions but are some hints or prompts, you can change the question label to whatever you want.

You can see the Question label being changed to Hints in the live preview as well.

More information about the consent statement is here.

Changing the default avatar for text testimonials

We use lettered avatars for text testimonials that don't have an uploaded headshot or avatar by the time they submit their testimonials.

If you don't like our default option, you can choose your own to upload what you want.

More information is here.

Add your affiliate link

⚠️ You need to sign up for our affiliate program to get a unique link first.

Sign up for our affiliate program

After you paste your affiliate link to the box below, on your Wall of Love, the bottom Testimonial logo will be displayed at all times, and your affiliate link will be added there.

Anyone who visits Testimonial's site via your affiliate link, and then becomes our paying customer will be counted as a successful referral, and you will earn a 30% recurring commission as long as the customer continues his/her subscription plan.

More information on how you can add your affiliate link is here.

Show testimonials from the Wall of Love

The option to show the love you have received so far from your clients on your landing page is also available. 

Add a third-party review link

The option to connect to your testimonial page from a third-party review page is available to you. We've included a Google review link below, and you can see the live preview of it in the screenshot. Your Google review page will be displayed when your user clicks Google.

notion image

Here's a list of the third-party platforms you can choose:

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • Trustpilot

  • Capterra

  • G2

  • Yelp

  • Twitter

More information is here

Turn off video recording for iPhone devices

⚠️iPhone doesn't support high-resolution recording on the spot. To get better-quality videos from your customers, you can disable on-spot live recording, and only allow your users to select an existing video to upload, which may produce a better quality.

You just need to toggle the option below to ON. This setting will not affect PC, laptop, or Android users.

notion image

Allowing Search Engines to Index Your Website

You have the option to permit search engines to index your website.

Custom Open Graph Meta Tags

Changing the description for when you share your link is possible. Click on the dropdown alongside the "Custom Open Graph Meta Tags" option to edit.

You may visit our step-by-step guide here for more information.

If you need help or have any questions, just click on the live chat widget. We will reach back as soon as possible ✌️

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