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Change the default avatar for text testimonials

Here's how you can change your avatar for text testimonials

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💡Edit a space that shares the same view as Create a new space modal. For details about how each field works, please refer to Create a new space guide.

1. You need to go to the dashboard page. On the right side of each space card, there is a ⚙️ icon, click that you will see a dropdown list, click the Edit this space.

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2. Then you will see the Edit the space modal like this:

3. Select the "Extra Settings" button underneath the live preview to see the available extra settings.

Change the default avatar for text testimonials

By default, this smiley face is the default avatar for text testimonials that don't have a user-uploaded avatar.

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If you don't like our default option, you can choose your own to upload.

You can find more information on what you can modify on the extra settings here.

If you still have a question, please reach out on the live chatbox on the 💬

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