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AI features with Testimonials
AI features with Testimonials

Want to know the extra features you can have with Testimonials? Here are some of our AI feature recently available.

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Testimonials now have some AI-related features you can take advantage of.

Available for everyone

Embed your Wall of Love with the help of AI.

  • Paste the link to your website and let AI create your embed customization that blends with your page.

    Please see our guide here for more information.

Create a draft message to your clients

  • You can now use AI to create a message for your clients and modify the content of the message before sending it.

    More information about sending a message is available here.

AI space creator

  • Want to create a space that is aligned with your personal page information? Let our AI do the setup for your space and save time! You also have the option to modify what our AI created for you before publishing the space.

Emphasizing text using AI

  • It is now possible to highlight a text from your text testimonial with the help of our AI. Once selected, our AI will emphasize the love you are receiving from your clients. More information is available here.

Available for paid customers

AI Case Study Generator

  • With testimonials, you can now construct a case study based on the evaluations and testimonials of your clientele.

    More information is available here.

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