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AI Case Study Generator

Want to create a case study based on the reviews and testimonials of your clients? It is now possible with Testimonial and here's how.

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πŸ“’AI feature is currently available with our paid plans.



  1. From your dashboard page, choose the space where the testimonial is located.

  2. Once open, click the arrow-down βŒ„ icon at the bottom-left to expand the testimonial card.

  3. Once the card expands, you will see a list of icons at the bottom, and you will find the AI icon. Just click on it.

    1. If the testimonial you want to generate a case study for is a video, a popup will show asking if you want to generate subtitles as content in the case study and if you want to generate subtitles. You may skip this by clicking on the "Continue anyway" button.

  4. Once ready, the modal for our AI case study will show up and have three sections.

    1. Testimonial details: Testimonial, Name, Title and Company; Business description

    2. Your details: Name, Title and company, and business description

    3. Settings: Tone (Conversational, Formal, and Custom)

  5. After placing the additional information you want to add, hit the "Generate" button. The case study content will show up that you can now use. πŸ‘ You may copy the content by clicking on the copy icon on the right side of the generated title for your case study.


A sample AI Case Study generated

Sample details

Case study content sample

Case Study: Helps QuoteBeam Capture Uncaptured Love from LinkedIn


In today's digital age, capturing customer testimonials and reviews is crucial for businesses to build trust and credibility., a powerful testimonial management platform, has been helping companies like Quotebeam harness the power of customer feedback. In this case study, we will explore how has helped Quotebeam, a marketplace for quotes, capture uncaptured love from LinkedIn.

The Challenge

Quotebeam had recently launched its marketplace for quotes and was looking for ways to gather and showcase customer testimonials. Nikki Gonzales, the Growth Manager at Quotebeam, realized the importance of leveraging social proof to attract new customers and build credibility in the industry. However, the company was struggling to capture the positive feedback they were receiving on LinkedIn.


Nikki came across, a testimonial management platform that simplifies the process of collecting and showcasing customer testimonials. Intrigued by its features, Nikki decided to give it a try. She signed up for and was pleasantly surprised by the seamless onboarding process.

The Solution

One of the standout features of that Nikki found incredibly useful was the Chrome extension. She mentioned, "Just got started with and love it so far. The Chrome extension makes it even easier." With the Chrome extension, Nikki could easily capture testimonials from LinkedIn and other websites with just a few clicks. This eliminated the need for manual copy-pasting and made the process much more efficient.

Capturing Uncaptured Love from LinkedIn

Quotebeam had received a significant amount of positive feedback on LinkedIn since the launch of their marketplace. However, they had not been able to effectively capture and showcase this feedback. changed that. Nikki expressed her regret, saying, "I wish I had signed up earlier, we have so much uncaptured love from LinkedIn since we launched the Quotebeam marketplace last year."

With, Nikki was able to go back to LinkedIn and capture all the positive feedback that had been previously overlooked. She could easily import these testimonials into the platform and organize them for future use. This allowed Quotebeam to leverage the uncaptured love from LinkedIn and use it to attract new customers and build trust in their marketplace.

Results and Benefits

By using, Quotebeam was able to overcome the challenge of capturing and showcasing customer testimonials from LinkedIn. The platform's user-friendly interface and Chrome extension made the process seamless and efficient. As a result, Quotebeam was able to:

  • Capture previously uncaptured love from LinkedIn and other websites.

  • Showcase customer testimonials on their website and marketing materials.

  • Build trust and credibility with potential customers.

  • Attract new customers by leveraging social proof.

Conclusion proved to be a game-changer for Quotebeam in their quest to capture and showcase customer testimonials. With the help of the platform's Chrome extension, Quotebeam was able to capture the uncaptured love from LinkedIn and use it to their advantage. By leveraging social proof, Quotebeam was able to build trust, attract new customers, and establish themselves as a reputable marketplace for quotes. truly helped Quotebeam harness the power of customer feedback and take their business to new heights.

If you still have a question, please reach out in the live chatbox on the πŸ’¬.We will reach back as soon as possible


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