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Want to embed your Testimonial badge? Here's how.

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📝The space option to collect star ratings must be enabled and testimonials must have star ratings for the badge option to show.

📝Avatars from written or video testimonials are the only ones that will show on the badge, and for the badge to be enabled on your space, you have to collect at least 1 testimonial from your public landing page.


  1. Choose the space you want to have the badge for from your dashboard.

  2. Once you are in your space, from the left sidebar, select the "Badge" option under the Embeds & Metrics tab.

  3. A pop-up will show up, like the modal below, where you can customize your badge.

    • Background color: On/off with color selector

    • Font Color

    • Badge Alignment: Left or Center

    • Font Family: 500 fonts available

    • Review term: this is where you can change the "reviews/review" term showing on the badge to a different one.

    • Font size

  4. Once the modification is done, you may copy the code and have it embedded on your page.

Can I add a custom message to my badge?

Yes, you can. Check the "Use a customer message" option for the field to show and have it customized.

If you still have a question, please reach out in the live chatbox on the testimonial.to 💬. We will reach back as soon as possible.

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