Collecting Testimonials

How to collect your testimonials from the landing page you currently have

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In this article, we will tackle how we can collect testimonials.

πŸ“£ Before collecting testimonials and building the Wall of Love, you must first create a new space. A space is like a container to hold all your testimonials.


Create a new space

  1. You can create a space from your Dashboard page: where you will see + Create a new space button.

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  2. Click the Create button, and you will see the Create a new space popup modal.

Mandatory fields

Only four fields are required for a space to be created:

  1. Space name

  2. Space logo

  3. Header title

  4. Your custom message

Get the shareable link

Once your space is created, you may collect testimonials in two ways.

πŸ“ The name and email address are necessary fields in order for a testimony to be gathered. This information will be used to identify the testimonial and will allow you to send rewards, emails, and other correspondence.

Option 1: Share your "public landing page" URL from your space.

  • From your dashboard, select βš™ on the space where you want to collect the testimonials, then click on the "Get the link" option to copy the link.

  • Once you are on the managing testimonials page, on the left sidebar, you will see "public landing page" under the Links option where you can get the link.

Option 2: Collecting testimonials using a collecting widget

  1. Head to the testimonial dashboard. In the "Manage your space" page for each space, you will see the "Embeds & Metrics" option on the left sidebar. Click "Collecting widget".

  2. Once you click on "Collecting Widget," you will see a popup that contains your widget's embed script. Click on "Copy code" and add it to any page on your website.

You'll be able to learn more about embedding your collecting widget here.

If you still have a question, please feel free to reach out on the live chatbox on the πŸ’¬

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