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Easily send a message and reply as a public response to someone who submitted a testimonial on your Wall of Love

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πŸ“’ This feature is only available for testimonials with an email address on their data.



  1. Click the arrow-down key for the settings to show up.

  2. Click "More".

  3. Click "Send Damon (which will change based on the submitter's name) a message".

Send a Message

Type the subject and the message you will be sending. Hit "Send".

  • You may also have our AI write a message for you ( Available for paid users)

That's it; your message will be sent πŸ“§.

After sending a message, you can access the history as well.

πŸ“’ Please note that the sender's email will be [email protected].

Creating a Public Response

You can now create a response to a testimonial publicly (collected from your landing page). By openly responding to reviews, you can give your clients (and potential clients) a greater sense of transparency.

Input your subject and message, then toggle on the 'Public Response' option.

πŸ“Say the public response is published and you want to change it, you may create a new response and the response will be updated.

πŸ“¨The customer who submitted the testimonial will receive an email with a copy of your public response.

Sample Output

If you still have a question, please reach out on the live chatbox, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.πŸ’¬

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