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Can I embed the form I have created instead?
Can I embed the form I have created instead?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a form you want to use instead of your public landing page embedded on your site?

๐ŸšฉTo build forms in your space, you must be on premium or higher. With our Premium plan, you can create five forms, and with our Ultimate plan, you can create an infinite number of forms.

If you have an existing or new form you want to add to your site instead to collect your testimonials, here's how.

Once you are on the collecting widget pop-up, you will see a form drop-down option where you can select which form you want to use instead. By default, none will be selected (public landing page).

Once selected, the preview of your form will show up, and you may then copy the code to embed your form on your page.

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If you still have a question, please reach out in the live chatbox on the ๐Ÿ’ฌ. We will reach back as soon as possible.

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