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Want to share the testimonials you have collected on social media or online? Here's how

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You can now share your testimonials individually online that you want to highlight.


  1. On the "Manage Your Space" page, you will see all the testimonials. For each testimonial, click the βŒ„ icon on the bottom right to expand the card.

  2. Once the card expands, you will see a list of icons at the bottom. Select Share.

  • Once selected, you will see a list of options on how you can share your testimonial individually.

    • Get the link

      • Share your testimonials with a link that has the option to share or hide your Wall of Love.

    • Embed the testimonial

      • Embed a single testimonial; text, or video on your page.

    • Create an image

      • Download your testimonial as a PNG image that you can upload online.

    • Share to Twitter

    • Share to Facebook

    • Share to LinkedIn

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