How to trim your video
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People who submit video testimonials sometimes have awkward moments at the beginning and the end of their recording. πŸ˜…

You can now cut those mishaps with our trimming feature.

You will find the Trim the video option for each video testimonial from the Edit dropdown list.

Click Trim the video button, it will open a pop-up modal like this:

Simply drag the left and right handles to trim the video. If you want the handle to stop at some exact timestamp, you can use the ←and β†’ arrows from your keyboard to make a more precise cut. Every time you click the arrow key, the timestamp will change by 0.1 seconds.

After you have made your selection, you can click the Preview button to review your trimming.

If everything looks good, just click the Apply button to finalize the trimming.

P.S. After trimming the video, the original video will be overwritten with the trimmed one.

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