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Select a different thumbnail
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If you don't like our default thumbnail, you can choose a different one from 3 options at different timestamps, or choose to upload one. Just like πŸ‘‡

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1. From "Manage your space" page, you will see all received testimonials. For each video testimonial, click the video thumbnail or the little βŒ„ icon on the bottom right to expand the card.

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2. Once the card expands, you will see a list of icons at the bottom, and you will find Edit icon, just click it.

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3. You will the following popup modal. Under 'Choose a thumbnail', select the thumbnail that you prefer or your own. Once you are done click 'update the testimonial' and voila! πŸ₯³

⚠️ If you choose to upload your own thumbnail, please keep the aspect ratio of the thumbnail the same as the video, otherwise, when the video is played, the size of the player will not be consistent.

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