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Automatically reward your customers
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This is what the default thank-you looks like

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However, if you don't like Leonardo πŸ€ͺ, or you want to change the thank-you message, you can do it here. Just click the Thank You Page button, which you can find beneath the live preview card:

Then you should see a view like this: πŸ‘‡

Automatically reward your customers

⚠️ You need to upgrade your plan to use this feature. Automatic rewards will only be sent for video testimonials. For text testimonials, it will not be triggered.

Please check this article for the Reward program.

After you add funds to your reward account, you can enable the automatic reward. Simply toggle the following button to ON and specify how much you would like to send for each video testimonial.

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πŸ“’ We will continue to send rewards until the reward balance is exhausted. You will also be notified if your account has a low balance (less than $100).

If you still have a question, please reach out on the live chatbox, and we will reach out as soon as we are able. πŸ’¬

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