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Add/ remove your company logo

Want to add or remove a company logo to your clients testimonials? Here's how.

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First, let's cover how you can add company logos to text testimonials, just like 👇

  1. Click the text content or the ⌄ icon at the bottom-left to expand the testimonial card.

  2. Once the card expands, you will see a list of icons at the bottom, and from there, click on the Edit icon.

  3. You will see a popup modal like the one below. Scroll to 'Company Logo, upload the logo, and then save the changes by clicking on the "Update the Testimonial" button.

📒 From here, you may also remove your company logo by clicking on the "X" icon and save the changes.

If you still have a question, please reach out on the live chatbox, and we will respond as soon as possible💬

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