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Wall of Love only shows one/two columns
Wall of Love only shows one/two columns

How to troubleshoot your embedded Wall of Love layout

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Notice that your Wall of Love only shows in one column despite having a lot of testimonials? Here's how we can have this updated:

Ideally, the number of columns is determined by the width of the container that wraps the wall of love. If the width is larger, it may show more columns. The whole Wall of Love design is responsive.

Also, please note that adjusting your max-width settings needs to be done within your website/website builder as it it is the frame forced/set up by your website provider. Please see the sample scenarios below. 


Previously, there were 3 columns displayed, but now there are only 2, and the customization section does not offer the ability to produce the code for 3 columns.

There is likely a max-width set for the outer container; that's why our wall of love is restricted to 2 columns. If you increase the maximum width, our wall can grow to have more columns.

Appearance > Customize > Layout > Container


Can we adjust the Embed Wall of Love widget to show 4 testimonials on the Carousel slider instead of just 2.

Noticed the width of the container has a max-width is around 960px. If you turn it off or set it to some higher number, the carousel will show more cards. More information can be found in this article from Weebly on how to change their max-width here.

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