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Sending Rewards Manually

Here's how you can send rewards manually for the testimonials submitted.

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You can now send rewards manually to your clients who have submitted a testimonial.

πŸ“To give gift cards, you must be on our Premium plan or higher. After upgrading, add some money before returning to send it.


  • Premium accounts and up

  • Rewards balance available ( another prompt will show if you don't have a reward balance asking for you to add)

  • Testimonials that you want to reward.


1. Ensure that you have a sufficient reward balance.

  • More information can be found here

2. Access the space where the testimonial you want to reward is located.

3. Once you are in the space, click the arrow πŸ”½ under the testimonial you want to reward. Then choose the amount you want to reward.

More information about sending a reward can be found here.

Please use the live chat window if you still have questions, and we will respond to you shortly, πŸ’¬

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