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Bulk Import Reviews and Testimonials

Here's how you can import your testimonials using a CSV file:

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๐Ÿ“ฃWe're excited to bring you this new feature. You can now bulk import your reviews and testimonials using a CSV file.

This feature is only available on the Premium plan or above.

Before getting started, you can download a copy of our template CSV file once you have clicked on "Bulk Import" from the options menu on your space.

You can bulk import the following fields

  • User name: Reviewer's name

  • User email: Reviewer's email

  • User title: Reviewer's title and company

  • User avatar: Reviewer's profile picture

  • Review title: For text review

  • Review body: Required for text review

  • Video URL: Required for a video review ( accessible public video link and not in the drive)

  • Rating: 1 to 5-star rating (Please make sure to use numbers, not icons, in your format)

  • Review date: Date when the review was created

  • Tags: The name of the tag is separated by a comma (,)

As well as the 'Source Link URL, which will add the logo from the source website on the top right corner of a testimonial card.


  1. Turn your reviews into a CSV file. This process will be different depending on the platform the reviews are on. Here's how to do so for Amazon and Trustpilot.

  2. Clean up the CSV and make sure the header rows contain the fields mentioned above.

  3. Visit your testimonial space and import the CSV file you downloaded.

We also listed ways to import your existing testimonials in our guide here.

If you need help or have any questions, just click on the live chat widget. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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