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If you have already received some testimonials (video or text) in the past outside of our service, you can directly import them into your space and later add them to your Wall of Love.

We currently have four ways for you to import your existing testimonials.

Option 1. Manually add text or video testimonials

Go to the Dashboard page where it lists all spaces, choose one, and click Manage testimonials.

Once you are on Manage Your Space, you will find the Options drop-down menu. If you click that, you will find the options to either add a video or add text.

Option 2. Import testimonials and reviews via our browser extension

Our Chrome extension allows you to import testimonials from all across the internet.

It can help you save social media shoutouts, and also works on dozens of sites that have reviews by using the 'Save text' or 'Take a screenshot' feature.

Our spokesman, Demetri, breaks down how you can use the Chrome extension to capture testimonials from anywhere. Check it out πŸ‘‡

Option 3. Import testimonials from within a space

You can also import from third parties such as Capterra, G2, Google Reviews, etc. Click here to find the full list and a bit more about how it works for each.

Our spokesman, Demetri, breaks down how to import third-party reviews from platforms like G2, Capterra, and Google all the way to comments on YouTube and much more. Ready to embed the reviews on your website? Watch this video next: πŸ‘‡

Option 4: Bulk Imports your reviews using a CSV file

If you are on our premium plan and above, you can import your testimonials using a CSV file. Before getting started, you can download a copy of our template CSV file once you have clicked on "Bulk Import" from the options menu on your space.

Step 1. Turn your reviews into a CSV file. This process will be different depending on the platform the reviews are on. Here's how to do so for Amazon and Trustpilot.

Step 2. Clean up the CSV and make sure the header rows contain the fields mentioned above.

Step 3. Visit your testimonial space and import the CSV file you downloaded.

If you need help or have any questions, just click on the live chat widget. We will reach back as soon as possible ✌️

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