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The Testimonial Dashboard

Want to know more information on your dashboard? Please see this article.

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Our friendly dashboard has everything you need to collect your client's testimonials, update your information, and etc,.

Here's a sample screenshot of what the dashboard looks like once you log in to your Testimonial account: 

Our dashboard is divided into three parts: header, overview, and spaces.


➡️This is where you can access your account-related concerns. Head over to your avatar (picture) to see the options listed above.

    • This is where you can make changes to your account as a whole ( billing, notification, plan, and email changes)

    • Join our partnership program (as an affiliate) to receive a monthly 30% commission! A 15% first-year discount is also available to the customer you recommended.

    • This is where you can access your reward program to add a balance and/or check your rewards transaction for your clients or users who submitted their testimonials. More information about our rewards program is available here.

  • Sign out


➡️Is where your current testimonials total are showing and what plan you are using.

  • Video Count

    • The current total number of video testimonials you have collected, excluding the deleted ones,.

  • Space Count

    • It shows the total number of spaces you currently have.

  • Plan

    • An upgrade option will also show up in case you want to upgrade your plan.


➡️This is where your spaces are located.

  • Find a space

    • If you have a lot of space and can't find what you want to access, use our search feature to look for it.

    • Creating a space can be done in two ways: From scratch and with the help of our AI

  • Active spaces and their respective settings.

    • The video and text testimonial counts that are shown here are cumulative and count even the deleted testimonials.

Please use the live chat window 💬 to ask any more questions, and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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