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How to import screenshots and Images from Image URL
How to import screenshots and Images from Image URL

Here's how you can import picture testimonial only on your space

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If you're looking to add screenshots to your testimonials or even use screenshots (pictures) only for certain testimonials, we've got you covered!

You have two ways to go about it.

Option 1: Via the dashboard

Start your free trial on, and create a new space. To learn more about all the settings and features below, you can visit the Get Started collection in our help center.

  1. Once your space is ready, click on 'All' under ‘Inbox’. You will notice the 'Options' button on the right; click that, followed by clicking 'Add a text'.

  2. Within that popup, you can import a text testimonial with images.

    1. To import a screenshot only, toggle on 'Image only'.

      1. Once the image is toggled on, you now have the option to upload a file from your computer or import an image with an image URL.

Option 2: Import screenshots via the Chrome extension

  1. Install the Testimonial browser extension. It is available on all Chromium browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, etc.

  2. Head to the shoutout you’d like to add to your website or Wall of Love. Do a right-click, followed by clicking 'Take a screenshot'.

  3. That’s it! All your shoutouts will be added to your Testimonial account 💪

If you still have a question, please reach out on the live chatbox on the 💬

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