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Getting started with Testimonial
Getting started with Testimonial

Thanks for joining Testimonial. You have made a great decision. 💜 Now, read this guide to become a Testimonial pro in no time.

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Welcome to Testimonial 👋

The #1 tool to collect and manage testimonials!

We created this guide to ensure you get the best out of our service.

1️⃣ Start by watching this video introduction

You can sign up for free or start a 7-day free trial of any paid plan to check out our features, tests, and more.

2️⃣ I have created an account. Now what?

➡️ Create your first space and customize it.

➡️ Customize your account settings following this guide.

Creating a space is like creating a project folder that works like an individual workspace. It will have its own settings, customization, tags, and more.

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  • Once you click it, you will see the Create a new space popup.

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  • You can follow this help guide to learn more about customizing your space.

➡️ NOTE: You may also customize other settings, depending on your plan, for example:

➡️ Curious about our other customization options? Check out the list below:

3️⃣ Start collecting testimonials & adding them to your Wall of Love.

💡A Wall of Love is a digital page where you can showcase the love your clients send you in the form of testimonials and reviews.

Imagine a landing page entirely focused on the best experiences of your most amazing clients!

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This feature is available in all of our plans (even on the free tier).

➡️ What type of social proof can I add?

  • Video or text testimonials

  • Proof from social media posts and comments

  • External videos

  • Proof from 3rd party review sites

  • Bulk import your data

  • A lot more

➡️ Capture testimonials faster with our Chrome Extension

📝 Make sure to check our Chrome extension to import reviews from basically every platform. You can even automatically add them to your Wall of Love!

Once again, thanks so much for joining Testimonial.

We know that you will love it, and your prospects will love it too!

If you still have a question, please feel free to reach out to me on the live chatbox, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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